Pretty Penny is founded by two sisters, Lexy Arban She and Glynis Arban Carpenter, who have grown up in the business.

Lexy was the Artistic and Photo Director of AMTC World, Actors, Models & Talent for Christ, a nonprofit company that for 30 years has helped develop the careers of new talent that want to be positive lights in the entertainment and fashion industries. 

Glynis lives in NY and is a working Portrait, Fashion and Advertising Photographer who has shot for every top modeling agency in New York and clients like Sony Records, Warner Brothers Records, JCPenney, Smirnoff, Vaseline, Bose, Vogue Japan, Vogue Girl, Vogue Mexico, L'Officiel Lula, Violet, Nylon, Complex, Element Eden and Bloomingdale's. See her work at

Their grandmother, Millie Lewis, was a top model in New York in the 1940's.


So many special models are overlooked because of lack of preparation, grooming, or image! Pretty Penny's mission is to spot, polish and introduce these models to the right agencies at the right time.


Pretty Penny Management, LLC is a development and management company. There are no up-front fees, period. We are paid only when you sign a contract, and then by the agency, not by you. Costs you may be responsible for are: transportation or lodging when you go to meet with the agencies or sign a contract, any classes, haircuts, personal trainers, or dermatologic visits. We may encourage you to engage some such third party help, but it is always your decision to follow through. Pretty Penny does include periodic free professional photo shoots.