What Could Stop You From Getting A Major Fashion Modeling Agency Contract?


1. AGE - We believe models who are under the age of 16 really aren't usually ready to sign with a major agency in NY. Models under 16 cannot do the international runway show season. NY is the place to sign first if you can because it's the top market in the U.S. What matters in NY matters everywhere. What matters in ATL, LA, Miami, Chicago or Dallas doesn't matter in NY. However, regional agencies will take on a fashion model at the age of 13, which is great for career development, and some NY agencies will take younger models on in a sort of hold with just a little bit of work until they are old enough to work regularly in the older teen and adult international fashion market. If you aren't quite ready for NY, we will help you get placed in other markets nationally and internationally.

Pretty Penny is happy to take models on for development as young as 12 for women and 14 for men.

2. BODY - The physical restrictions of the fashion world are tight. As a female model you must be 5'8" - 6'0" and thin. As a male model you must be 5'11" to 6'3" and fit. There are also agencies that represent beautiful women sizes 8 - 20, 5'8" to 6'0". Please research "commercial print modeling" if you don't fit into these categories! There is a wide world of modeling beside fashion. Please note: You must be healthfully thin. If Pretty Penny perceives any signs of an eating disorder, Pretty Penny reserves the right to release the model and encourages the model to seek professional help. For more information on the signs of eating disorders, please see here.

Pretty Penny is happy to consider female models 5'5" to 6'0" (If you are on the shorter side, it's best if you are young and still growing!) and male models 5'8" to 6'3" (If you are under 6'0" it's best if you are young and still growing!).

3. HAIR, SKIN, EYEBROWS - The wrong color or cut, acne, too much of a tan, and over-tweezed eyebrows can delay a contract! Natural, natural, natural. Your real hair color and texture, your full natural eyebrows, and your skin minus the sun are what the agencies want to see. They want raw, fresh and beautiful material. They don't want to see you looking like you're from a small town but like you could fit in anywhere and stand out in a natural way everywhere!

Pretty Penny is happy to help you find your best image. We have a team of image consultants who can help you reach your best look to get signed.

3. BAD PHOTOS - Sometimes, if you submit any, even one, bad photo to agencies, they might say no to representing you. Why? Because they get so many submissions, they are looking for the bad things about the way you look that their clients might see.

Let Pretty Penny's expert photographers and photo editors create the right image for you and your portfolio!

4. BAD INTERVIEW SKILLS - A perceived lack of confidence or awkwardness can delay a contract. Even if an agency signs you just based on the way you look, if you can't talk to clients on go-see's, then you aren't going to book jobs!

Pretty Penny can set up classes and recommend the right way for you to develop your ability to communicate what is special about you.